Sources of Magic in Cradle, Part I

I have a love of symbols and logos, and that extends to runes, sigils, glyphs, circles, and wards. I also love geomantic magic such as ley lines, places of power, etc. Diabolists and Summoners from the Palladium Fantasy rpg were one of my favorite magic using classes. I had a magic system that I developed […]

Me, MeWe, and the G+ diaspora

Like a lot of G+ users who were actually using G+, the announcement that by mid-next year the platform would be shut down left quite a quandary. Where would I take my social media presence? Facebook I generally reserve for friends and family, and I’ve found the gaming discussions there to not be as satisfying as […]

Current Stuff and Things

Aside from starting to get a Roll20 Blades in the Dark game together, I have a handful of other things I’ve been pecking away at for the past year (or more in some cases). I don’t really have a priority on these things, as I kind of flit between them in slower moments at work […]

Blades in The Dark Planning and Resources

So I’ve buckled down and decided that I am, 100%, going to be starting a Blades in the Dark game in the Very Near Future(tm). Starting to run a game like BitD less than two years after it was released is a decent accomplishment for me. It took me at least three years to get […]

Facets in Retrolock

One of the Fate Core-like concepts that I really didn’t want to part with was Aspects. Having a free form descriptor or tag makes characters a lot more flexible and interesting, and bypasses having an advantage/disadvantage system – along with the trouble involved with balancing the values, deciding what qualifies as an advantage or disadvantage, […]


With the magic of triangle tables, about five years ago I put together some random tables for post-apocalyptic exploration. I’ve noticed a few tweaks I want to make still, but I figured I’d put them back out there again. These are intended for modern-ish or post-apocalypse settings. Hopefully, they have some semblance of logic (IIRC correctly […]